How to unlock a disabled iphone with a chromebook

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Can you use a Chromebook to restore an iPhone?

You cannot use a Chromebook to restore. The device needs to support iTunes, Chromebooks run ChromeOS which is a web only operating system. Might be able to backup/restore using iCloud Backup on the linked Apple ID.

How do you unlock a disabled iPhone from a computer?

For this method you will need a computer with itunes installed and a cable to connect the phone to first start itunes on your computer. Then turn off your iphone.

How do I unlock a disabled iPhone without iTunes or iCloud or computer?

So you need to put your iphone into recovery mode. First for an iphone. 10 is to press and release the volume up then press and release the volume down then press and hold the side.

Can I use my laptop to unlock my iPhone?

Here’s how to unlock your iPhone when you forgot your passcode. What you need: A desktop or laptop computer (Mac, Windows, or Linux) A lightning cable (It’s recommended that you use a cable made specifically for iPhones.)

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