How to track a lost chromebook

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Does Chromebook have GPS tracking?

No, there is no GPS support within this model. When using Google Maps, Chromebooks use WiFi location services. Without WiFi there is no location services capability.

How much is a lost Chromebook?

As of , a replacement Chromebook cost is $238.50, but is subject to change based on federal tariffs and other factors. Questions about lost/stolen/damaged Chromebooks should be addressed using the appeal form provided in the fine notification.

Can you ping a Chromebook?

We need to load the Chrome OS shell. Also referred to as crush. To do this we need to press and hold down the ctrl + alt keys then press T on the keyboard.

Can they track a school Chromebook?

The solution is actually quite simple; an asset tracking system to automate the process. Every Chromebook, laptop or iPad has a serial number barcode and every student and faculty member has an ID number. When the Chromebook is issued, you scan the barcode and assign it to the appropriate individual.

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