How to get mods on google snake chromebook

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How do you get mods on Google snakes?

Here is how you can add Google Snake mods:
  1. Download the Google Snake Menu Mod from GitHub.
  2. Save the Moremenu. …
  3. Hit CNTRL + SHIFT + O to open up your bookmarks.
  4. Select the three dots on the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Select Import bookmarks.
  6. Import the Moremenu. …
  7. Rename the file to Snake Game Menu.

How do I get snake mods on my Chromebook 2022?

Find and select the “MoreMenu.

Click on the “Open” button on the lower right of the new window. Now a new “Imported” folder will be created inside your Bookmarks bar. Now close the Bookmark manager tab, and then open a new tab. Type in google snake game.

How do you add mods to snake?

And find the import the file at the bottom of the drop down menu hover over the importer file and click on more menu. Staff lastly you just click on the gear icon. And the mod menu will appear.

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