How to get imovie on chromebook

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Can I download iMovie on Chromebook?

iMovie assists you in being creative and using any images, videos, and music you want on your iPad and iPhone. However, iMovie is neither available for Android users nor Chromebook. Don’t worry. The good news is that some iMovie alternatives apps designed for Android smartphones are as good as the iMovie app.

Does Google have a version of iMovie?

MovieStudio video editor – Google Workspace Marketplace. MovieStudio is a video editor that acts as a movie maker to create, edit and record videos, and mix videos, audios, images and texts. It is an app to make movies, record videos, edit videos, modify them using another videos you can import.

Can I edit videos on a Chromebook?

Chrome OS makes it easy to use some of the best video editing software available. Whether you’re a creative professional, a social media content creator, a teacher, or a student working on a project, there’s a Chromebook video editor to suit your needs.

How do you make a movie on a Chromebook?

There are a lot of different templates that you can use to make your movie. We’re going to start for scratch from today. So when you get to the page. You’ll see there’s options for creating slides.

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