How much is a school chromebook if you break it

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What happens if you break a Chromebook in school?

If a student’s Chromebook is damaged beyond repair, a spare will need to be issued and the Chromebook will have to be replaced. In the case that a device needs repairs, there are a few steps your K-12 IT team can outline in your school Chromebook policy, so students and requestors know what to expect.

How much does it cost to fix a broken school Chromebook?

Chromebook Repair Costs
Example of Repair Needed Estimated Cost for Repair
Replace keys on keyboard/keyboard replacement $60.00
Headphones/USB broken off in jack (no motherboard damage) $30.00
Broken LCD screen / Cracked screen $60.00
Body/Hinge replacement $60.00


How much does it cost if you break a Chromebook?

The most common repairs to the laptops, which are manufactured by Google, are to system boards, screens, keyboards and charging ports. A first offense fine is $25 and it goes up to $200 for a sixth offense. The district charges a replacement cost of $265 if negligence is determined.

How much does it cost to replace a school Chromebook Charger?

Students receive a charger when they are first issued a Chromebook. We are not promoting users to purchase their own chargers and we are not promoting one vendor over another. If parents wish to purchase a replacement charger from the school, the cost is $25.

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